Z-Wave Sprinklers: The Complete List

Why don’t you shower your garden with love, oh we mean water, using Z-Wave sprinklers? Yes, sprinkle some love to your plants in the garden or lawn in a better way. So, how can you do that? Well, here’s a complete of the Z-Wave sprinklers to make sprinkling easier and efficient.

What's a Z-Wave Sprinkler?

A Z-Wave sprinkler is like a standard sprinkler but made smarter using Z-Wave technology. In short, a Z-Wave sprinkler is a smart sprinkler. 

With Z-Wave, these sprinklers are able to provide you smart features like you can schedule when it water the plants. Or, you can even use a sensor to talk or communicate with a sprinkler if it’s rainy or hot, so your smart sprinkler can fulfill without your intervention. 

The Complete List of Z-Wave Sprinklers

Here’s an entire list of all Z-Wave sprinklers currently in the market.

Let’s start of our list with WI15VZ-1 Smart Irrigation Controller from GoControl. If you want a smart irrigaton, then this Z-Wave sprinkler is worth to check. Once connected to a hub, you can set a schedule when to automatically run the irrigation system. No more worries, this smart sprinkler does it for you. 

Aside from that, what’s even great about this is that you can modify its watering schedules. The Z-Wave hub can use local weather conditions, rain and moisture sensors to optimize schedules and amount of watering. This device can support 15 residential irrigation valves. It can even detect faults on valves which it can shut off.


Product Specifications:

Key Features:

The Z-Wave Sprinkler Guide

A Z-Wave sprinker is definitely a nice improvement to better water your plants in the garden or in your lawn. These smart sprinklers can provide your smart home an efficient way to water plants. Not only that, it will help you save time, energy and water at the same time. We hope that this comprehensive guide can provide you additional information about Z-Wave sprinklers.

The Benefits of Z-Wave Sprinklers

Smart sprinklers such as this which uses Z-Wave technology can provide great benefits for you and your plants. Here’s why you should consider having one of these smart sprinklers.

Benefits of Z-Wave Sprinklers

Ease & Convenience

The main benefit of using these smart sprinklers is ease and convenience for you. You can use these sprinklers easier than before with its smart features. You can schedule when it waters the plant. And more, let the smart hub control it watering cycle and amount with the use of local weather reports as well as data from rain and moisture sensors. 

Scheduling & Efficiency

Being able to schedule the watering time, it gives you assurance that even if you become busy, the sprinkler will still be able to do its function. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your plants are still taken good care of. 

Since you can use the data from rain and moisture sensors, it is efficient since it has automatic control over when to water plants or how much water is needed. This makes it very efficient in terms of energy and water usage.

Save Water, Energy & Money

With the functionality of being able to optimize when to water and the amount of water usage, you can save energy and water. In effect, you can then save money from your energy and water bills. All of this is achieved because of an automated sprinkling and irrigation system.

What are the key features of a Z-Wave Sprinkler?

These are the key features you should look for a good Z-Wave sprinkler.

Compatible & Number of Other Z-Wave Devices It Can Communicate

As expected, a smart sprinkler which uses Z-Wave should be able to communicate with a Z-Wave hub. Make sure that it is compatible with the Z-Wave hub. Aside from that, it is important to know also if it is able to communicate with other Z-Wave devices. 

Schedule & Customize Amount of Water To Sprinkle

The best things about smart sprinklers is its ability to automatically function within a set schedule. Say for example, it will water the plants every 7 in the morning. This provides you the best benefit of using this intelligent sprinkler.

Secondly, the most efficient way to water plants is to know when to water it and how much water to sprinkle. This is the best scenario in which the sprinkling system know the right amount of water to sprinkle and when to water the plants based on climate and weather. This also provides the most efficient use of water and energy.

The number of irrigation valves it supports

It is also important to consider how many irrigation valves does it support. This is important with respect to the area of the garden or the lawn you have. With this, you can consider if it can control and manage to water all of your plants in the garden. 

Final Thoughts

A Z-Wave sprinkler is really a nice addition for your smart home. Especially if you already have a Z-Wave home automation network and an existing standard sprinkler you want to improve. Then it really is perfect to add any of these Z-Wave sprinklers. This will provide you good benefits in terms of time, money and energy. It will truly lessen your worries and work with watering your plants.

Definitely, it is not easy to choose which Z-Wave sprinkler is the best for your home. But if you consider all of the features you need, you’ll be able to choose the one which fits your needs. With this, we hope that this list of Z-Wave sprinklers and this guide will help you find a good smart sprinkler for your garden.

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