Best Z-Wave Outdoor Motion Sensors 2020

Last updated on January 22nd, 2020

Z-Wave is one of the leading communication protocol used in smart home devices today. There are plenty of smart devices which are built to support this technology. And, one of these devices using Z-Wave is the smart outdoor motion sensor or motion detector. This will be the focus of this article. With that, we’ll feature the best Z-Wave outdoor motion sensors currently available.

Aside from the list, we also have the guide about motion sensors. Most especially, we have a buyer’s guide on what to consider before getting an outdoor motion sensor which supports Z-Wave.

The Best Z-Wave Outdoor Motion Sensors in 2020

Outdoor motion sensors or detectors are an essential upgrade in securing our homes. Especially, if these motion sensors are smart enough to notify you of any movements outside your home. This can be a great early warning device to get you ahead of things.

Unfortunately, there are still a few Z-Wave certified outdoor motion sensors out in the market. So, for this we have no choice but to include the only available Z-Wave outdoor motion sensor. Although there is a great possibility that the list of available Z-Wave motion detectors will grow in the soonest time.

So without much ado,  here’s our list of the best outdoor motion sensors which uses Z-Wave technology. Keep for updates, we’ll update this as soon as newcomers are available.

Aeotec Z-Wave
Gen5 Multi-Sensor
Aeon LabsView

Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5 Multi-Sensor

Aeon Labs offers Aeotec Gen5 MultiSensor for a variety of sensing power. It is a 4-in-1 indoor and outdoor sensor. Powered by batteries, this sensor is a package of  Z-Wave motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity and lighting sensor. Infrared technology (IR) is the technology used by motion sensors. More about IR at the guide part of this article below. When this sensor detects IR changes in its viewing window, it will notify other Z-Wave devices like smart hubs. This sensor can send radio signals to up to 6 other smart devices within its Z-Wave network.

The tolerances for indoor/outdoor functions allows the sensor to function under different weather conditions. For sensitivity level, you can configure the sensor so it won’t trigger false alarms like for small animals like cats. The range of this sensor outdoor is 500 feet of Z-Wave RF. Lastly, this is Z-Wave certified which means it works with other Z-Wave certified smart devices, even with other brands.

Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen5 MultiSensor


  • Multi-sensor with motion, temperature, humidity and lighting sensors
  • Supports up to 6 Z-Wave devices
  • Long range outdoor with 500 feet Z-Wave RF


  • Sensors are not compatible with the “WINK” hub
  • Low review rating in Amazon with several issues reported

Motion Sensors Guide

In general, a motion sensor is an integral part of security system. These devices detect movements, particularly people, within its field of view. Motion sensors are components of the whole security system. When it detects movements, it sends signals to the security system control component. Then, the controller triggers warnings like alarm or notifications.  This is particularly helpful in monitoring possible intruders and other threats in the area.

The Technology Behind Motion Sensors

In home security systems, motion sensors commonly use Passive Infrared technology or PIR. With this technology, the sensor detects heat from humans within its viewing field. These sensors are sensitive to body temperature of a person. Since it doesn’t need to transmit signal, these sensors are called passive sensors. This means, the sensors are passively waiting to detect movements through human heat.

The other technologies used for motion sensors are microwave, ultrasonic, tomographic motion sensor, gesture detector and video camera analysis software.

Sometimes, motion sensors use multiple technologies together to minimize false alarms. An example, a motion sensor which uses both microwave and Passive Infrared technology.

How Does Motion Sensors Work

The motion sensors, which uses PIR, are actively looking for body heat of a person. Once it detects human heat, it sends alerts to the controller of the security system. In the case of Z-Wave motion sensor, it sends alerts to the Z-Wave smart hub. Then, the smart hub triggers the alerts or warning through either smartphone notifications or audible alarms.

The Benefits of Motion Sensors

The most common use of motion sensors are used for security. With these devices, you’ll know of the presence of intruders or other possible threats within the surrounding. Moreover, these sensors can help automate processes in a smart home. As a good example, when someone enters the room, the light turns on.

These are useful scenarios where motion sensors are beneficial in home automation and security.

Z-Wave Outdoor Motion Sensors Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for Z-Wave outdoor motion sensors, you can refer to this checklist as a guide to consider:

  1. Motion Sensor Type & Location: You have to know the technology used by the motion sensor. Does it use PIR or microwave or any other technology? With this, you can assess whether it suits in the area where you want to install the sensor. The area may have plenty of animals or near the street where plenty of vehicles pass.
  2. Compatibility:  Most likely, you already have smart hubs. So, it is important to know if your current Z-Wave hub or other smart devices are compatible with the motion sensor.
  3. Detection Range: It is also important to know the distance that the sensor can detect movements. In the same way, it is essential to know how far you can install a motion sensor to send to your smart hub.
  4. Sensitivity: How sensitive does the motion sensor to movements of different objects? Or if it can differentiate animals from people? This is important to know to avoid false alarms as well as being reliable.
  5. Read Reviews: As always, read reviews from other users. This will prevent you from encountering the same problems other people did.


The addition of motion sensors at home can be very beneficial. Whether indoors or outdoors, motion sensors can provide essential benefits at home. These devices can help automate home functions. However, the biggest impact of these devices is the boost it gives to your home security.

In summary, we hope that the information in here helps you better understand motion sensors and its importance. And, we hope that the list of the best Z-Wave outdoor motion sensors helps you find one to fit with in your smart home system.




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