Best Wifi Light Switches: Make Home Lighting Smart

The home lighting system is one of the easiest things you can automate at home. As a matter of fact, you can automate the lights switching operation through the use of the smart lighting devices such as using wifi light switches or smart light switches. With this, we hope that this will you learn more about smart light switches and guide you to find the best wifi light switches you can use to build a smart home lighting control system.

What is a Wifi Light Switch?

A wifi light switch is a switch which can be connected to internet through wifi. These devices are usually referred to as smart light switches. This is an essential device you should have to ease up your home lighting system.

Why Use A Smart Wifi Light Switch?

In the first place, the use of smart light switch should not be for a show. These devices can really mean huge advantages for you. In fact, there are several benefits of using a wireless light switch instead of the usual manual switches we usually have.

The advantages of using a wifi light switch:

  • Ease up turning on or off the lights through doing this anywhere
  • Manage and control the energy usage of the lights
  • Safety of the house through the ability to remotely turn off the lights
  • Security of the house with the ability to turn on the lights through a mobile app during vacations

Best Wifi Light Switches 2017

While it can be painstaking and time-consuming, finding the right smart light switch for your needs is very rewarding. From different choices, we hope that this list of the best wifi light switches can help you in finding the right one for your needs.

Here the best smart light switches you can consider in your choices:

1. Belkin Wemo Wifi Light Switch

Wemo Smart Light Switch

This wifi light switch is from Belkin’s Wemo Home Automation. The best thing about Wemo wifi light switch is that is utilizes your existing wifi network at home to allow you to control your lights remotely. You only need to have this switch installed at home. That’s it. There’s no need for any smart hub or whatsoever. It works by itself. You only need to install the free Wemo application to your smartphone. From there, you can control your lights from wherever you are. Not just that, you can also set schedules for your lights. At home, it also works fine as a normal light switch.

Simply, the wemo wifi light switch is an internet connected light switch. This is because it is a wifi controlled electrical switch.¬†Aside from being a wifi enabled light switch, this switch is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. However, the Alexa device is a separate device which you need to have. This pair can give you voice control over your light switch. It’s completely hands-free switching.

This light switch requires a neutral wire to install. Also, it is not recommended to have a metal faceplate because it may interfere with its wifi connection. The Wemo light switch is also designed with modularity in mind. It means, you can add another WeMo switches anytime. However, this switch only works with any one-way connection lights because it is not compatible with three-way connections.

2. GE In Wall Smart Switch

Best Wifi Light Switches - GE Light Switch

This smart switch is powered by Z-Wave which you can use wirelessly control your light system. With this, you can control any type of lighting device. This device works with Amazon Alexa.

You can use an app to control this in smartphones, tablets and in PC. Moreover, Z-Wave enabled remote controls can also be used to control this switch.


3. Ankuoo NE-O Wifi Light Switch

Ankuoo NEO Wifi Light Switch

You can replace your existing switches with this switch which you can connect to your current home wifi network. This wi-fi wall light switch allows you to control your lights through their free NEO app.

With this mobile application, you can turn on or off the lights from anywhere. You can also schedule lights switching in the application, create different switches and manage all of them there.

To point out, the biggest considerations in making this list are the number of buyers in Amazon, the reviews and the rating they have given. Hence, we advice that you should read the reviews because they will be helpful to you. You can always check them yourself to help you check if any of this wifi light switches fits your lifestyle.

In addition, one good consideration you should consider is if you wanted to automate the other operations at your home. If so, your light switch should have the feature to connect to an automation hub like Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Echo. With an entire home automation in mind, these hubs can be the brain of your automation system which will include your lighting system.


Belkin Wemo Light Switch – If you just want to smarten your lights at home and nothing else, then this smart light switch is good for you.

Finally, there are lot of home automation systems out there. However, if you plan on starting first with your lighting system, you can start with this list of the best wifi light switches currently available in the market.

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